>It’s been one week…

>I went to the nurse this afternoon and she suggested that I should write this down somewhere so I’ve got a record.  I’m not 100% clear on her thinking behind that but I agree it is an achievement of sorts.

Anyway I’ve not drank any Coke at all since last Wednesday night!  

It’s been relatively easy which just goes to show how much of a difference mental attitude and doing things at the right time can make.  I’d tried a couple of times earlier in the year and ended up with headaches so bad I was throwing up.  Basically the majority of what I was drinking was Coke (at least a litre most days).  It’s now water.

I do feel a bit better for it.  Pretty tired lately which may or may not be that.  And I do have to keep going for a wee all the time which is definitely that.  I was told a while back that you should try a week without caffeine if you think it’s affecting you to see whether it’s absence affects you.  But I suspect when you drink as much as I do it may take longer.

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