>Answers to a couple of questions

>I have a spare five minutes and a couple of people asked questions so here goes.

Karen asked me which two books I had signed.  On 1st May I went to a book signing by Jodi Picoult and she signed a copy of Handle with Care (her new one) for me.  I got to speak to her briefly and have a photo taken.  She was really lovely.  Don’t have time to search for the link but the photo is in an earlier entry which is titled “guess who”   She wrote Emma, enjoy and signed her name.

The second was signed on Saturday and is Walking on Water by Geoff Holt.  That was at the regatta I was at this weekend where he came and did a talk.  It was very interesting and I look forward to reading the book soon.  I’m also looking forward to following Geoff’s progress on his next challenge later in the year – becoming the first quadraplegic to sail the atlantic with no help in the sailing.  I wrote an entry about that before which you should be able to find under the sailing category.  He wrote Emma, “no excuses!” Geoff, Farmoor 09

That sort of made the weekend for me as the wind was so high I didn’t get to sail at all despite being there for three days.  Thankful however it was Farmoor (Oxford) so we weren’t staying away or anything.  Being so close to home and at home every night makes a difference then.

The second question I can’t remember who asked it despite the fact I just saw it.  But it was about my post revisiting the unread book meme from last week.  They asked that I could use text to indicate what each book was classed at next time I did something similar as screen readers skip formatting.  That was something I had wondered about but didn’t realise.  I will try to remember to do so next time as I think accessibility is important and do try to make my entries accessible where possible/where doing so wouldn’t ruin the entry (for example usually I would say “this is a photo of me and so and so” but in the entry I talked about above with the pic of me and Jodi Picoult I didn’t because I wanted people to “guess who”)

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