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>I had a week off from a lot (most) of things last week.  And it was lovely.  I didn’t actually intend for it to include blogging but it seems it did.  Now I have quite a lot of things I have been thinking about that I want to blog about so I should hopefully be here a lot in the next couple of days.  In the meantime just in case you haven’t noticed… I’ve been doing a lot over on twitter and that usually is a place I can be found at least once a day most days more.  My twitter feed is over in the sidebar with a link underneath to click to visit the actual page.  I believe it even has its own rss feed on there too.

Mostly on my week off I spent a lot of time reading… I read seven books over the last 11 days (the 11 days until yesterday).  And for the last few days I’ve been outside in my powerchair reading too.  My powerchair is great for sitting out the front reading as it has both tilt in space and a reclining backrest… I tilt it completely back and recline the backrest a bit and it’s perfect.  Which is why I sit out the front despite it being onto a public footpath and the fact I have my own garden out the back – the garden is on a horrible slope which would not be comfortable in a tipped back sprawled out powerchair.  And in the late afternoon, early evening there is a nice shady spot by my front door.

Race for life is in less than two weeks and unlike last year I’ve done basically no preparation.  I’m sure it’ll come right on the day but really I should do a little preparing.  I also have no sponsors mostly due to the fact i’ve not been asking for them.  But that doesn’t really bother me this year as the only reason I’m doing it this time round is because I can’t find another vague accessible local 5K to do.  That and the fact I ended up with more than two and a half times my target sponsorship last year.

The no coke drinking thing lasted 12 days.  And strangely I got my period during that time without any major PMS related depression which is both amazing and huge.  I am now wondering if caffeine (or something else in Coke) is a depressant.  I am trying to drink less coke and plan to cut it (and chocolate this time) out again next week.

My sister’s 21st birthday party was this weekend.  It was really fun once the DJ started playing the usual disco classics (at least to start with I didn’t know a lot of the music and thought most of it was rubbish).  I drank quite a lot but wasn’t really drunk at all… it was so bloody hot in there I’m thinking I probably sweated out all the alcohol.  My photography skills appear to have sucked on that evening though so I won;t be posting any of the photos I took.

Several family members I haven’t seen in quite some time were at the party.  It was really nice to see them but difficult to get much of a chance to chat to them and catch up…  I left the party without having even spoken to two of them.  I know my Mum’s side of the family I’d not seen since Sept 07 because one of my cousins (who didn’t come to the party) got married then.  It’s not that unusual for us to go long periods of time without seeing each other,  especially since my Nanny died, as we aren’t close in terms of location.

I’ve been trying to figure out when it was with my Dad’s side.  I saw my uncle about a month or six weeks ago (possibly slightly longer).  And I have no idea when I saw the one of my cousins on that side who was there… but we talk on a regular occasional basis on facebook.  His brother I’m pretty sure would have been 2007 I last saw him too and again only briefly.  But what really surprised me and I still can’t figure out the details of is how long it had been since I saw my uncle’s partner.  I really had no idea it had been so long until she went “ooooh you’ve had your hair chopped off.  I like it!” – my hair has been this short since September!

Oh and using short hair as a kind of link to my next subject, sailing was cancelled tonight due to too much wind.  We tried going to the pub instead.  For various reasons (ridiculous ones) it was an unsuccessful trip and we won’t be going back for a while.  But anyway that wasn’t the story I wanted to share.

Dad and I looked at the menu, put it down and Dad went off to the loo.  For some reason the staff never gave my friend who was with us a menu so he asked for one.  The waitress bought one over and then turns to me and goes “Would you like to see a menu as well, Sir?!”

I just turned to her and went “I’ve already seen it.” and she walked off without another word… leaving me muttering about the fact that I might have short hair but my boobs are ridiculously big…

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