>Thoughts From A Day At The Zoo

>Went to Cotswold Wildlife Park today… great fun.  These are random thoughts and observations.

I forgot to take my camera.  Ever since I was asked (yesterday) if I wanted to go I had “we’re going to the zoo tomorrow” going round and round in my head.  And then just after we left I thought of a great idea of a post revolving around a line in that song but i needed my camera.  But as I currently have camera problems it’s probably better I did forget it.

When we were getting out of the car my friend’s little boy (age 3) went “Emma, do you want your wheelbarrow?” which caused much laughter from me, his mum and his grandma.

There is a sign on the door of the disabled loo that identifies it as such and then says “able bodied persons must not use this as they may prevent someone more deserving from doing so”.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “deserving” used in that context before.  But obviously it’s right because only the crips deserve to go for a wee, everyone else must suffer!

As I was going into the disabled loo there were two little boys coming out of it (able-bodied and it did not double as a baby change nor were they young enough to need it).  One of them walked out and that was it.  The other walked out, saw me, then walked back in.  Saying to me as he did so “It’s ok, I’m just washing my hands you can come in too.”  Seeing as how it was one of those sink and loo in the same bit disabled loos I didn’t take him up on that offer…

The display of various bird eggs is the most interesting and exciting part of the zoo. If you are 3.  If you are 27, however, the most interesting and exciting part of the zoo is probably the tiniest meercats you have ever seen.  Babies that I don’t think can have been very old at all.

We also saw a huge snake… at least one of them looked like it was too long for its enclosure thing  the way it was curled up in places and I seriously didn’t realise snakes came that thick… I thought snakes could be long but were generally always skinny things.

I have come to the conclusion that Zebra’s are white with black stripes and not black with white stripes.  Also I wonder if you could ride a zebra like you could a horse.

Riding thoughts were triggered by the fact that I think I might have seen someone I used to know through horse riding many years ago.  It looked like them and they had a very CP walk plus two kids… and I did hear a few months ago through a friend of a friend that theyhad at least one child.  I didn’t go over and speak to them though just in case.  That and the fact we were never really long term friendly as such.   

I did then spend a good few minutes trying to remember her full name (one of those I know I know it but what the hell is it things) and I searched on facebook just out of curiousity.  Result being there are over 500 people on facebook with variants on that name, most have no profile picture and the majority are in the Wales network (out of the first chunk of pages which I looked at before getting bored).

The train at Cotswold Wildlife park is accessible and its accessible in a low key kind of way.  Which is the best kind.

It really was much too hot to be there today and I felt old for struggling with the heat so much.  But I did wheel myself 95% of the time and didn’t struggle with that too much. And I really did have fun.

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