>The tale of the maxi and the manual

>I don’t think I blogged about this before so here goes (if I did I don’t remember doing so but sleep is an issue at the moment so…)

A couple of weeks ago my sister had a party to celebrate her 21st (which was a couple of weeks before that).  It was  really fun – I did blog about that bit already – and I found a fantastic maxi skirt to wear.  I do believe it is my first ever maxi skirt (or at least I don’t remember one…)

Long skirts and wheelchairs can be a bit of a problem but as I love my long skirts (ankle length) I’ve got it all figured out and rarely have issues.  Maxi skirts and manual wheelchairs – even more of a problem.  Add a drunk cripple into the mix and you end the evening wondering just how on earth you 1) didn’t fall out of the chair and 2) didn’t end up ripping the damn thing.

 It kind of falls so it covers the side of my chair and does catch in the wheels a bit (the casters at least) if I’m not careful.  

I’ve been wearing it the last two days and had no problems whatsoever yesterday.  Today I’ve felt it begin to catch maybe three times and pulled it out and out of the way before any issues.  I’m not sure I’d want to go trailing around in my manual out of the house whilst wearing it but I’ve been out and about in the jazzy in it and had no problems whatsoever.  But that has arm rests and is higher off the ground too which helps (my quickie has no armrests and I took the clothesguards off in November because they got bent when someone lifted it into a car using them).  Although it’s general height from the ground thing does drive me crazy when I drop things as I did several times at knitting today and again in the bar after creative writing (when I was drinking coke so no comments please about drunkenness).

But at Soph’s party I got it well and truly jammed into my caster and reached the in the middle of the dance floor can’t move stage.  My friend had to untangle me and I was kind of surprised she managed it as quickly as she did let alone the fact she did so without any accidental or deliberate damage occurring.  Because I don’t get things caught in my wheels that often but when I do I frequently end up cutting them out either because a) I can’t get it out b) it’s yarn and the bit thats caught will be unusable even if unravelled (thats the most common thing) or c) I try and it takes so long I get bored or frustrated and reach for the scissors.

So obviously I will have another clothing related thing to be aware of when shopping which *sigh* is a bit hard (depression isn’t doing so good right now for various reasons).  Another one of those things where you’d think my CP wouldn’t have an affect but actually it does.

But it really is a very lovely skirt and when it comes down it that’s all that matters.

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