>Michael Jackson, the goldfish

>My mum reminded me this evening that when we were really little my brother and I had a goldfish each.

I’d remembered that we had one…. my brother’s which was called Sally.  But I’d forgotten that I’d had one too.  Sally lost all her colour suddenly but lived a long time (years).  My goldfish which was called Fishy or Fishface (I was in to changing names, could never make my mind up) didn’t and I’d forgotten.

But then out at dinner tonight my brother’s girlfriend made some comment about the fact that Michael Jackson died.  And my mum went “which one of you two had a goldfish called Michael Jackson?”

I’m really not sure and want to say it wasn’t mine but my brother says his goldfish was always called Sally (to G, his girlfriend, asked “why Sally?” and we were all like “no idea”) and everyone else agreed.

So yeah, when I was little I had a goldfish.  It went through many names in it’s months long life.  And apparently one of them was Michael Jackson.

That’s almost one of the things you don’t want your parents to remember.

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