>It’s almost like a tiny miracle…

>So you may or may not know this but I’ve been seeing the nurse on a roughly four weekly basis since April or so for help losing weight.  It’s not been going particularly well to be honest in my opinion.

And a big part of that is that the surgery I go to does not have facilities to weigh a wheelchair user.  Which if you ask me is totally ridiculously (and I’ve told the nurse that several times).  The nurse I see is really nice and does keep offering to weigh me on their regular scales.  But as I’ve explained to various people, the fact I can’t stand unsupported for more than about two seconds means it’s basically impossible to get a realistic, and correct weight for me and trust it using the stand on regular scales idea.  Even though I do try it just to keep a rough idea.  That’s something a lot of people seem to have trouble understanding… and the suggestion “just do it the same each time” does get made sometimes which with my CP is pretty much impossible as those who get CP/my level of disability will understand.

So anyway, wheelchair clinic yesterday.

One of the things that affects what wheelchair you can have is how much you weigh… and I’d been thinking (and hating) that I would probably have to have a heavy duty fat girl wheelchair.  And I do certainly need a much wider wheelchair seat.

But when she asked how much I weigh and I said I didn’t know… she asked if I wanted her to weigh me.

They had a ramp scale thing and they got me in it in my wheelchair then weighed my wheelchair separately to work out what was me.

New Years Day completely naked 1st thing in the morning I weighed 18 stone 1 lb.  And I tend to find that I’m sometimes a bit heavier than it seems due to balancing holding on etc.  So although I’ve been bouncing between that and a few pounds less (but not more!) all year I did expect that a middle of the day fully dressed including trainers weight done on proper “We have the technology” wheelchair scales would be more than that.

I was 17 st 8lb.

I’ve definitely lost half a stone since January.


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