>Down Time

>I’m having some down time over the next week/several days.  I did the same thing in May as I had some busy weekends planned and just chilled a lot.  It was great.

But this time I’m trying to make it more of a “staycation” (although the very nature of that word makes me laugh – hence the quotes) and getting out to do some fun stuff.  Also hoping to tick a few things off of my 101 in 1001 list – well, I’m definitely doing one tomorrow but I hope to do some more if I can.

Certainly given how stressed and fed up I’ve been this week I need it.  Didn’t make it into the bureau this week as I had such a dizzy/headachy thing going on Wednesday morning. Back to bed for several hours and I felt better.  Have been putting my CAB skills to use this week with my question everything approach at wheelchair services and pointing a few friends/family members towards the public CAB website and off the top of my head key phrases.

Also followed that up with a relatively long chat with a scope helpline adviser about wheelchair options.  Hearing that they feel I can probably do something helped me feel a lot less stressed.  But it really was weird being the advised than the adviser.  The guy I spoke to said something about me seeming clued up.

Hmm, I wonder why that might be!

The biggest part of my downtime over the next few days, however will probably be sometime away from the net.  I love the net to pieces (for people in fandom you could almost say me and the net is my OTP) but sometimes it gets to be a huge time suck and depressing. And then it’s time for a break.

Like now.

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