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Go to see We Will Rock You

… has been completed!

I went to see We Will Rock You at the Birmingham Hippodrome yesterday. I went with two of my old friends from uni (and one of them brought a carer too). Great fun to catch up. Especially as I hadn’t seen one of them for two and a half years. Ridiculous that it hd been that long and we’ve all promised we won’t leave it that long next time. Hopefully that’s a promise we’ll keep!

We went for Pizza before the show and then to starbucks for half and hour or so after. Very long day but totally worth it. And it was very nice to have a whole day away from the PC too (went straight from the train to my parents house for the end of my brother’s birthday BBQ).

The show was absolutely fantastic… I knew nothing about the plot before hand but it was great. Some of the lyrics had been tweaked slightly to fit in with the idea of an internet age virtual world with no individuality or music(!) and it all just worked really well. I’ve never seen the musical of Mamma Mia but in the film you didn’t help thinking that in one or two places they were reaching a little just to fit certain songs in. That wasn’t the case at all with We Will Rock You. Ever.

The singers were really strong too and the syncronised dancing like autonomitons was great. In a lot of shows they do similar stuff but these people were literally beat on beat doing exactly the same movements dead on the same time – you don’t normally get that or done that well.

We were sat at the back right by the guy doing the lighting etc in the booth. And I kept catching sight of him from the corner of my eye. He was rocking away and dancing really throwing himself into his job of doing all the FX etc. It was nice to see someone enjoying their job so much.

It was also great to see one moment where the band of the show got drawn in too briefly as a part of the plot – and the bit where they made mention of where we were etc and that days date etc etc.

oh and “Vy deo Tap ee” and “Bri Anne” etc was hilarious

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