>My earliest chocolate memory

>This was a prompt on a market research message board thing I’m on.

We used to go visit my Gran and Grandad. They had a chocolate tin that lived in my Gran’s sewing room and we could choose something out of it. Frequently we would choose cadbury’s chocolate buttons and I’d have to read all of the nursery rhymes to choose which one I wanted. Some of the chocolate buttons would be stuck together and I always used to try to leave two that were stuck together to have last as it seemed special to me. I still try to do the same thing when I eat chocolate buttons now (although it’s much rarer that I do) but I’m not as obssessive about it as I used to be.

As we got older it changed to the bureau drawer by my Gran’s chair and the choices changed too. For me it was always galaxy – one of those kingsize bars that used to have the nine pieces. We would talk about how my Gran always used to try and not have chocolate to the evening and how I get my sweet tooth from her.

And when we used to go visit our Nanny I remember going to the shop to choose something. That would usually be different everytime unless she had already got it before we arrived. I’m very fussy and I remember at least once thinking I would hate the chocolate she bought me and having to psych myself up to eat it. I’ve always struggled with new foods. But I loved it, much to my surprise. That was a flyte

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