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>I was e-mailed a link yesterday to a petition on the 10 Downing Street website.  That’s the official website of the office of the Prime Minister.

This is a petition to give paralympic medalists the same honours that olympic medalists receive.

From the petition:

A gold medal is a gold medal. In the 2009 New Years Honours only 17 of the 35 Paralympic gold medalists, compared to all of the Olympic gold medalists recieved honours. Most of these gold medalists have again been overlooked in the 2009 Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Why? Because the Paralympians had to win 2 golds to be considered for an honour. However, some athletes could only win one gold, such as a handcyclist. Even so, a Paralympian who won four gold’s did not recieve the same honour as an Olympian who won three.

How can these great athletes be overlooked just because they don’t happen to be in the Olympics? We want equal recognition for all gold medalists.

You must be a British Citizen to sign and provide a valid e-mail address.  You’ll be e-mailed a link which you must click on to confirm you want to sign the petition.  You also need to provide an address but I’ve signed these such petitions several times and never had any spam to my e-mail or home address from it.

The petition is here.  I have quite a lot to blog about today and tomorrow so will be back later.  However as I consider this such an important thing this post will be sticky and remain at the top for a few days.  Newer posts will be below when I write them.

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