>Catch up post

>I kind of feel like I should write some kind of catch up post with all the little bits of my life I’ve not blogged lately.

  • I’m still doing behind the scenes stuff one day a week at CAB and advising on the other.  And by day I still mean half day, obviously.  I’m really enjoying the behind the scenes stuff – it’s social policy work.  I do stuff like prep letter to go to our MP, type up any evidence, posters so our clients can see what we’re gathering evidence on stuff like that.  Advising I probably enjoy less but I still get a lot out of at times.  The SP stuff is perfect for my disability advocacy side though.  Awareness etc goes between the two.

  • I conquered my fear of sailing alone earlier this year.  But haven’t actually managed to do much sailing lately due to the weather.  And also due to the weather the last twice I’ve sailed I have had to take a buddy or not sail.  The first time it was the case I said “No I sail by myself now, I don’t want to sail if I need a buddy.” but then it went on another week or two and I thought I’d rather sail.  This week I sailed with a guy who is a very talented challenger sailor as my buddy and learned a lot.

  • I fear I am cyber purple no more.  I had my hair done a couple of weeks ago at the hairdressers and it came out a weird pinky red instead of the purple colour I chose.   So they offered me a free redo.  I went for that yesterday (by which time it had faded to a coppery boring colour in only two weeks).  And it is still not purple but its a reallly bright pinky red – seriously noticably hot and fun.  Probably brighter than I’ve had it before.  Mum described it as light earlier and not what she expected when I said we were going for purple.  I like it.  But it’s not purple and my hairdresser says it might be my medication is affecting my hair and making it not take the dye properly.  I don’t know what I think of that, will have to consult with Dr Google at some point.

  • The coolest thing however is that my hairdresser took a photo of me/my hair to put in her portfolio of what she does.  I don’t really know what it’s for or what it does but thats cool.

  • Haven’t been feeling well for several weeks, falling asleep practically every afternoon and generally feeling a bit lousy.

  • It turns out I’m a terrible needle stick.  Well, the nurse didn’t actually say that but being that she tried two needles in my arm and failed to get blood from me and had to resort to a butterfly needle in my hand that appears to be the only conclusion I can draw.

  • I had three normal size tubes and one bigger one of blood drawn yesterday.  Looked like a lot but I’m told it was only about three teaspoons.   Hormone levels, liver and kidney functions, thyroid, blood sugar and full blood count.

  • I’m definitely not diabetic which is a huge relief to me.  My mum worries about that for me due to family history and my love of all things sweet.  My blood sugar was well below the panic level which led to some amusement when I told several people that I have a long way to go before I’m diabetic.  Which totally made it sound like diabetes is something I’m aiming for.  And I’m not, obviously.

  • My book list on this blog needs a serious update.

  • I also need to get back to some writing soonish.

  • Still working on the redesign.

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