I’m working on a pretty major blog redesign and as a part of that figured this “About me” page needed an update.

Now 28, Emma is a slightly longer haired girl on a diet. 20lb lighter (and down from a UK 26 to a 22) than when she started, she’s given up Coca Cola and Chocolate completely and as of this writing is one day short of 11 weeks without either.  She’s really cut down on the buying of yarn and hasn’t really been doing much knitting lately. The first is good, the second not so much.  Recently she discovered book reviewing for various websites online and is really enjoying doing so.  She gets stupidly excited when she gets an uncorrected manuscript proof of a book that hasn’t been published yet and hopes to continue doing so for a long time.  Her bank balance is also thankful for this development.  Emma is in the middle of writing her own novel and looks forward to the day when another reviewer gets really excited about reading one of her books.  She really can’t believe she’s been a blogger for practically 10 years now.

The old version

27. Brit. Wheelchair User. Sailor. Bookworm. Writer. Knitter. Crafter. Volunteer. Graduate. Swimmer. Wannabe Webdesigner. Messy. Disorganised. Fat. Trying to lose weight. Short haired. Tattooed. CAB Adviser. Advocate. Mouthy. Swears a lot. Addicted to Chocolate and Coca Cola. SciFi fan. Love children’s books and TV shows. Colourful. Has more books than she will ever read and an out of control yarn stash.

A blogger for nearly nine years – and glad that several of those years are lost!

Otherwise known as:

WheelchairPrincess on The CBB, NaNoWriMo forums

Cyberpurple on Livejournal.

FunkyFairy22 on Twitter, Ravelry, eBay, Digital Spy.

So much more than “That girl in the wheelchair.”

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