>Time to Begin, Again

>It looks as though my old blog may be gone for good. *sad faces*

After all the fuss over the last week with the renewal it’s now looking like the renewal problems actually were resolved. And the problem that did away with my blog? A random WordPress blip it seems now I’ve managed to find the damn error log. I have got a support question into PowWeb (I put it in before I found the error log – that thing was well hidden!) but if it is WordPress they can’t/won’t help me. A couple of people on Facebook are computer type people so I’ve got my status at the moment asking if anyone knows how to fix wordpress or wants to try.
But really as much as I do want my blog working again… It’s mostly so I can get at my data and all that. I definitely have all my data through June 2008 backed up and probably up until a couple of months ago but it’s a lot to lose. A lot of my older blogs are lost (I’ve been a blogger since November 2000) and I was never bothered about that. Mostly because I’d moved on and I wasn’t that person any more. But this is my current blogs and who I am right now. I know it’s not really all wiped away because I’m still that person with those experiences, hopes, dreams and memories… it’s just my record that is gone. Just a record. But was with no warning. And it still hurts
I’ve been thinking since it went down on Friday and I think I will probably keep blogging here. I really don’t use my domain to the full – no way near as much as I had hoped or planned to. And if I am going to keep just using it for blogging, I may as well blog on a free platform.
So… here we go again!

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