>Wheeling around Town

>I went shopping with my sister earlier. Just in town here but I needed a few big things which I couldn’t carry home on my powerchair. Originally I had thought she may need to take a list and go alone but she said my chair would fit in as well (and it did) so I went too.

Won’t bore you with the list of what I bought other than two bottles of very cheap Jose Cuervo Margarita and a magazine it was pretty much all boring house stuff – dull but necessary.
I did manage to wheel my manual chair for the entire time we were in town. The only help I had was to get into the newest of our shops (which is in a brand new never before used unit and when they prepped the shop they chose where to put the door and knocked some bricks out to do so) as when they did the door for it for some reason they didn’t manage to do completely flat access – it’s not a full blown proper step but its not flat level access that I can without help.
In one part of town there is a ramp and some steps up. I call the ramp “The Amazing Never Ending Ramp” because to be suitable for wheelchair users they need be no more than 1:12 and this one is 1:24 with several flat bits where steps intercept. It makes for a very easy wheel but a very very very long ramp that winds round and zigzags loads. I remember when I went up it the first time wondering just how many more sections there could possibly be.,
What is absolutely stupid however is the fact you have this amazing really easy ramp and then come out at the bottom of a really steep hill with a stupid camber. Right at the top of that ramp its really sharp for a short while before becoming still steep but much more managable. Someone didn’t think that through quite fully me thinks! My arms felt like they were burning and halfway up that sharp bit I thought I couldn’t do it. I could barely move at all each time I pushed my wheels and it was horrible.
Sophie however was all “I did a half marathon, you can do this.” – and I did!
I’m really pleased. And also kinda sore!

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