>*shakes head*

>This is one of those things that I want to share but borderline crosses my “don’t blog about people you know in a way they could be identified and upset” rule for myself. But here goes.

I saw someone in town earlier today. They were catching me up on various people we both know. And they told me that a guy we both vaguely knew (only really to say hi too) but hadn’t seen for a long time had died a while back. Very sad but I think from what she said it was expected. I believe it was months ago.
He had downs syndrome and belonged to a group of people I know (some better than others as some I knew from before and I’ve not had much chance to get to know the new to me people well) from a local supportive living community.
My acquaintance commented that “they had a funeral” about his death. And the way it was phrased seemed like they thought there might not have been one – or that his friends from the centre might not have gone.
I could write a huge rant about how much else he was other than a man with downs syndrome and how annoyed I was she seemed surprised.
I’ll just shake my head instead.
He had a girlfriend who lives in the same community. They had been together longer than most couples I know. Their love was obvious. In fact it was being told that she had a new boyfriend that led to my hearing of his death.
My acquaintance tells me the new boyfriend is “more able-bodied.” I originally missed the more part and was like “he’s able-bodied ok.” but no I’m told personally she’s not met him but he’s “disabled just more able-bodied than the last one.”
I cannot even begin to think of how to describe just how frustrated that made me.

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