>It’s a kind of magic…

>We popped into Borders in the Bullring on Saturday for a brief mooch as we had some time to kill and two of the three of us are big big readers. Shockingly enough I bought no books. As a result I am now having withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of brand new books in my life. Although I do still have a lot of books I’ve not read.

Paul Daniels was in there doing some kind of demonstration thing for a few hours. It basically seemed to be to promote some kids books (I believe he wasn’t the writer but was just promoting them) and he was at a table chatting to people who came up to him. We didn’t go over but did spot him. He didn’t have his lovely assistant (and his wife I believe) Debbie McGee with him.
I was really shocked when I saw him at just how old he looked. I just looked on wikipedia though and he’s 71. I don’t know if I think he looked that age or not, I’m really terrible at judging people’s ages. In a way I am surprised he’s 71.
He was never one of my major childhood idols but I did enjoy watching him do magic with the lovely Debbie McGee on tv and stuff. My childhood years were during his major popularity spell and so in a way it was all tied together. As I said not a major part but in there and fondly remembered.
Childhood idols or famous people or whatever shouldn’t get old. Or at least you don’t think of them that way. Till you spot them and are shocked.

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