>One week

>One week of trying to be healthier down and it’s been going well.

I’ve lost a couple of pounds which surprised me. For some reason I didn’t anticipate having lost any weight mostly after having a bad day yesterday and eating lots of chocolate chip shortbread because I wanted it and was too fed up to try and have will power.
I’ve eaten breakfast all but three days this week. Two cases of no time before needing to be out the house and the third a lack of inclination/botheredness. Not great but five lots of breakfast in eight days is a huge improvement. Also managed two days this week when I didn’t eat chocolate at all and another two when I did but I ate a lot less than I usually would. I did some exercise a few times this week too. I want to say that was three times but truth is I forget. My coke drinking is a little reduced but still crazy.
This week I am hoping to keep those statistics at those levels or maybe a little better. It could prove to be a difficult week as potentially I’m going out for lunch twice and drinks once (although only briefly and will probably only have one drink) but we shall see. I would also like to attempt to have a day or two where my less coke drinking becomes no coke drinking.
Overall I am pleased with how the week has gone.
On Sunday I went clothes shopping for some winter clothes. For about a year now I’ve just been living in clothes with elasticated waists for the most part. I figured that in the winter trackies and skirts wasn’t going to cut it without my being really cold. So I decided to buy some jeans. I found two pairs that were cheap and when my mum helped me try them on yesterday fitted perfectly. I did also buy a smart skirt and need to get that in a bigger size but: I have Jeans! That fit me properly and perfectly! I actually can’t remember the last time I wore jeans that fit and weren’t just squeezed on and overhanging etc. Sure they are bigger than I would like but I don’t care! Clothes that fit! It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’d gotten to a point that I didn’t really know any longer how to tell if clothes fitted properly or would just do so I didn’t have to admit just how big I am.
I’m so happy! Jeans! That FIT!
Finally, my sister has also decided that she wants to take part in the Healthy You Challenge. Her blog is Sophie’s Tales of an Ordinary Life

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