>You know you’ve got CP when…

>Yesterday morning I went to the dentist. There’s a bit of a lip to get in but my kerb climber does it no problem.

Only yesterday I stopped to push the door open and then didn’t have enough oomph to get over the lip. I needed to go back and do it again which would be fine. Only I was right by the door frame and for some reason completely and utterly stuck. Tried to go forwards. Nothing doing. Tried to go back. Nothing doing. Forward again, still nothing doing. And back, nothing doing.
The receptionist went “Why don’t you go back out and try coming in again.” And I was all I’ve been trying to do it I’m properly stuck. Then I wacked my arm. Lovely bruise on that now, painful too. Then one of the patients clambered over my chair and out and by won’t of my doing the joystick on the chair and his pushing me got me in. The dentist then rocked up and went “I was just coming to help you!”
Nicely frustrating and embarrassing for a Tuesday morning.
Then yesterday evening I got really soaked at sailing and had to change all my lower clothes. So I stripped off and was then sat there in the disabled loo my dry knickers half on and a left leg that was spasming so much (extension) that I couldn’t bend that leg enough to get them the rest of the way on. My dad knocked on the door to check on me and I was all “Help. I can’t put my knickers on.”
And all I could think was “you know when you’ve got CP when having to get your Dad to put your underwear on is less embarrassing than getting your wheelchair stuck in a doorway.”

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