>101 in 1001 – Item 35…


Go one day a week without using the computer/internet for a month
…has been completed!
Five weeks of one day not on the computer each week (last week in August until the Saturday just gone). It’s actually been a pretty good thing for me to do. I’ve gotten a bit more stuff done in terms of sorting out and jobs I’ve been putting off. Although truthfully not as much as I might have. I’ve also done some writing, been out to lunch with friends, spent entire days out of the house with friends, relaxed a lot and done a hell of a lot of reading.
And I only really found being away from the computer a drag on one of the days. Which was the last one, Saturday just gone. I think part of that might be because it wasn’t something new and different any more. It was a chore and I could have done without it. The other part of that might have been that I wasn’t feeling well (I have a bit of a chest virus thing) and being online is so much a part of my daily routine that it can be almost comforting in a way. That’s truly pathetic, I know.
I think having more days when I’m away from the computer is a good thing and they will be keeping up on at least a monthly basis as I’m part way through my other 101 in 1001 goal of 1 day a month away from the computer (July, August and a lot in September, obviously). But weekly is a bit much to keep up.
I’ve always known how much of a time suck the internet is for me and how it can be sometimes depressing. But exactly how much and how reliant on it I am was something I’ve learned more about this month. It’s not a bad thing but it’s something I think I need to be more aware of and bare in mind.
As an aside, I’ve been moving all of the entries for completed goals from this 101 in 1001 mission tonight. I’ve not finished it yet and probably won’t get it done before tomorrow as I’m wanting to go to bed now. But I’m surprised by how many are completed already.

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