>Two weeks

>I swear I will start thinking up more interesting titles for these entries soon. But it’s not going to be today.

So anyway, it’s been two weeks since I joined the Healthy You Challenge and started trying to take back control of my eating and generally being healthier in other ways. This week hasn’t been such a great week and my weight remains the same as last. I’ve had some viral thing that left me with several days of a sore throat (but more of a dry sore throat than anything) and now a bad chesty cough. Not one that is bad enough to go to the doctors or is productive at all just bad which is why I’m assuming viral. I think it’s getting better now so hopefully I can avoid the doctors.
One of my friends is also trying to lose weight I discovered on Saturday. We have set up a kind of mutual support thing (and have attempted to rope a third friend in but he was decidedly ignoring all talk of it when it came to specifics of goals etc). Basically the vague idea is that we have a long term time goal or deadline and we’re trying to do good things everyday. The current aims are to do 10 minutes of exercise each day and also to drink two litres of water each day. We started on Saturday and I didn’t do good that day mostly because of the virus but also because of not setting the goals until mid afternoon. Then Sunday and yesterday I met both the goals which is good! The other more personal goal I’ve set as a part of that is not to eat after 9pm.
So overall I’m pleased with the week

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