>It’s Tuesday

>And on Tuesday’s I update this blog for the Healthy You Challenge. I’ve been putting this off all day in the hope of finding a better mood in which to do it but I guess it isn’t going to happen.

I am having one of those days where being disabled is hard. I don’t have them often (thankfully) but they do happen sometimes. I could do without them if I’m honest. The short version is I had a go at doing something I don’t usually on Sunday and struggled but managed… and put my back out in the process. There’s also been a couple of other niggly issues. Nothing major just all at once…
And after a great week with drinking water each day (and loads of it), making healthier choices and getting some exercise. My inability to stand properly on the scales (due to being unable to stand unsupporting) kicked in and I have no visible signs of progress other than knowing I did well and the vague idea that in a few weeks I’ll be seeing it as I can almost see it now,
Good things:
Cutting down on snacking
Really upping my water intake
Drinking less Coke as a result.
Three days when I didn’t eat chocolate at all.
Putting aside a chocolate muffin because it didn’t taste as nice as usual (chewy, yuck).
I’ve gotten exercise.
No missed meds
Baclofen has kicked in and I am transferring easier with less arm involvement
I’m on a lower dose than is considered therapeutic (was slowly upping it as my GP ordered but I don’t think I will any more).
Have paid off a chunk of my overdraft

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