>Ugh, annoyed

>In the past two days I have not met any of my three daily goals. Ugh.

The goals are
daily meds
10 minutes of exercise
2L of water
And in fact, I have had nothing to drink today but coke and a tiny amount of bitter lemon first thing.
I’m gonna go have a glass of water and my meds in a min.
Basically some of you will know that a couple of somethings I can’t blog about happened and got me very down. And then I get annoyed with myself for still being upset because the other people involved will have moved on and really it’s not my problem. And it’s just generally a vicious circle.
Plus I’m due my period and I get vicious, vicious serious PMS which is totally what this is. It’s actually my worst depression symptom. Knowing this for what it is and that it should be better tomorrow or Saturday does help. But it also doesn’t.
I’ve been in quite a good routine whereby I drink water as soon as I get up and right before bed (as well as at other times in the day) and my meds are by the sink so I grab them at bedtime. But yesterday I ran late and didn’t drink anything before I left the house. Then I found a bottle of bitter lemon I’d forgotten about and that was that.
And so I completely forgot about my meds until I was ready for bed, half asleep and just wearing my knickers. And my kitchen has no blinds and I know this is pathetic and ridiculous but putting clothes on (it looks out onto a public footpath) was too much effort.
My baclofen prescription is being changed to tablets soon and when that happens I’m going to put a blister pack by the sink and one on my desk so I don’t have that excuse any more. Maybe in the bathroom as well. The reminder is going back on my phone too.
Today was just a case of it had gone wrong already so why not just let it keep going.
Exercise is the one I’m struggling with the most out of all three, meds and water were ones I was finding were getting much easier.
Tomorrow however is a brand new day and I am going to meet all of those goals.
I’m also going to clear off my desk, do several loads of washing (I need clean clothes, towels, tea towels, bedding etc desperately) and read a book.
Determined Emma is back.
And everyone who wants to bring me down whether deliberately or accidentally can go fuck themselves, basically.

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