>Making my Points!

>I am not in a rush but almost am so this will be a quick blog.

First, I plan on doing the Ask Me Anything Answers tomorrow so tonight is the final chance for questions.
Secondly, Stephen Fry tweeted about the Save DLA petition, how cool is that?!
Point the Third, I am getting quite excited about NaNoWriMo. A bit lacking in concrete plans though!
D) I am going to see Adam Hills tonight!! Yay!!
5) I am getting my new wheelchair on 20th Oct. And my Dad is going to take me so I don’t have to faff with ambulance transport. The transport is great because it gives me independence but does make for a ridiculously long day.
VI. Did anyone else see the programme about Alex Stobbs? Alex – A Passion for Life was it’s title It was on Thursday but I watched it this afternoon. What did you think of it? On the whole I liked it but it’s a topic for a longer post.
Last but not least, the reason I wanted to update today. There is going to be an attempt at reviving the Disability Blog Carnival! Yay! Details are here.

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