>Complaining, again

>I don’t want to go into too many details here just yet but I have to make formal complaints again about access issues. I actually verbally raised said issue at the time it happened tonight and have never had such a bad response. Or at least not in a long time. Given how often I make complaints about access issues I think it’s safe to say I can’t remember every single one from over the years.

It makes me so angry. In fact I was so angry when I was talking to the person it triggered my clonus (muscle spasms where in my case my legs shake uncontrollably – it happens randomly but certain things such as emotion trigger it frequently for me). Even though I pointed out the legality of the situation (i.e. definite DDA breach = illegal) they seemed to think it was a small no big deal thing.
I’ve been writing letters and have a multilayer strategy planned for dealing with this (this being not the first time this issue has been raised with them).
But I was wondering, what do you think about complaining? Do you complain or do you let things go and moan in private? Who do you complain to and how do you complain? What do you complain about? How high up the food chain do you go before giving it up as a bad job?
I’m really curious about these things as I seem to complain a lot – a lot of other people would give up on things or let them go then I would. And I know at least one friend who was brought up to believe that complaining was a bad thing and you shouldn’t do it.
Maybe I’m more weird than I realised.
As for this complaint – it’s going all the way if it has to because I’m fed up on this issue in particularly keep cropping up every so often. There’s also absolutely no way they can argue out of it as well. And also because of the various access issues of late (there have been many of them) it’s the one I CAN deal with.

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