>Not the best of weeks – Healthy You Check In Post

>I didn’t attempt to weigh myself this morning because my emotional state being what it is I couldn’t stand the CP related uncertainty and the frustration trying to balance on the scales brings to me.

I’ve just got my period a few minutes ago which I can only describe as a relief because it means my emotions should calm down a bit and make things a bit easier now. I’m actually planning to restart taking evening primrose oil daily to see if I can prevent the PMS related highs and lows I get. Also a multivitamin because I’ve heard B vitamins are good from those things and also I think it’s highly unlikely that in reality I get a consistent and full amount of all vitamins every day.
My goals of daily water and exercise haven’t been going anywhere near as well as I would like or even as well as they were. But that’s ok. Most days I’ve made some attempt at drinking water even if it was a particularly poor one.
To be completely honest the main problem I’ve been having is the fact that when I get upset or stressed or emotional or whatever the first thing that goes is my willpower and so my eating.
But I have finally made another appt to go talk to the nurse about my weight (next week) and I’m aiming to meet the water and exercise goals everyday between now and then. Probably a poor start but it will do!

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