>101 in 1001 – Item 30…


Join a Stitch and Bitch type group
…has been completed!
That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. In fact since before I learned to knit (because I sometimes cross stitch too and was going to go and do that) but things kept getting in the way of my going to the Oxford one.
But a couple of weeks ago I heard that two acquaintances were going to go to a Stitch and Bitch the next afternoon at the Arts Centre and I invited myself along.
It’s a very small group as each of the three times I’ve been there’s been me one of my acquaintances (both have been but not both at the same time!) and another lady who seems so far to be interesting to talk to. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Just really hoping it keeps going and that we get a few more people.
I find I can get quite a lot of my knitting done in that hour and a half. It’s quite relaxing too. Originally I had assumed it would have been in the cafe area but we pay £2 each and use one of the rooms which is much better because we have space to spread out a bit and it’s easier to chat without people everywhere and screaming kids.
Sometimes I find going to new things hard to do not because of the access issues that may or may not exist but more because of my confidence which isn’t always the best with new things. So I’m really glad I was able to do this 🙂

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