>I’m doing my healthy you check in post a little early because tomorrow I will hopefully be writing a post full of squee about other things.

Not that this isn’t a really happy post!
You know my new jeans that I bought a little less than a month ago?
I’ve been living in them the last few days and they’re so big on me now they’re falling down!
I was really shocked when I put them on and that happened, particularly as they’d been washed and in the dryer. I’d actually been expecting them to feel a little tight as jeans can be stiff when they’ve just been washed.
That’s got to be a sign that I’m doing something right. I’ve got some old ones in the next size down but I suspect they won’t fit just yet. So I guess I’ll be off to buy a belt sometime pretty soon. Because even staying in my chair jeans this baggy aren’t working out too well. I’ll also be buying a new handbag. Just because really…
I bought two pairs and one is falling off, I haven’t worn the other for a while. I suspect probably those won’t be falling off because even though they are the same size from the same shop thei felt a little tighter on me.
I showed my mum this evening how loose they are. She was impressed. And then she went “they’ve probably stretched.”
Possible but I think not!

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