>Crazy Update about my Crazy Life

>As I decided not to go to Stitch N Bitch today (would have to leave early to go to the nurse and I’m really tired) I thought I would use some of this time to update my blog instead.

It’s been pretty crazy and busy for me lately so here’s what I’ve been up to. And why I’m so tired.
Last week I volunteered at CAB four days instead of my usual two. It went pretty well but with that and the fact that the weekend was really busy too it’s a bit much. But I do suspect I could do more hours at CAB more regularly if needed. That won’t happen though.
We were able to stay for drinks after creative writing last thursday which was really fun. Religion and creationism/evolution were discussed again. It didn’t go quite as over my head this time. We have a good group of people, quite eclectic and we end up talking about anything and everything.
I think I’ve sorted out exactly what my NaNo plot is going to be which is pretty much unheard of. One of the other creative writers read the very brief story that isn’t really a story I wrote about it. She seemed to really like it and said it made her sad and wanted to know more. I’m looking forward to writing it although a part of me does still really want to write a Thunderbirds fanfic instead.
Last Saturday I went to Birmingham for the day and met up with two of my friends from uni. One of them had brought his dad instead of a carer as he’d had a problem with the carer who was supposed to come. It was really nice to see them both as I hadn’t for a few months. And it was also nice to see his dad, I knew him quite well when we were at uni as he would come pick me up sometimes when we went out places. Hadn’t seen him for years so it was nice to chat a little and catch up.
We went to pizza hut for lunch than to see Evita at the Birmingham Hippodrome. I really like that place, it has good access and absolutely loads of wheelchair spaces. So much so that it would surprise me if when booking with lots of notice as we do we couldn’t get the two spaces together we need. Evita was a good show, I’d not seen it (or the movie of it) before and wasn’t overly clear on the story going in. I liked it but found the story a little hard going to follow in parts, especially the second half. I was glad we went but I think I prefer the more upbeat Joseph and Grease type musical as a whole.
Bizarrely I was flicking through the programme before it started (I collect them) and looked at a name and thought “I know that name.” then spent a few minutes looking at the photo going “is that?” and it was – a girl I went to Primary School with is in the ensemble in it. That’s one of the things you don’t expect to see. When I told mum she said it was bizarre but even as a child she could see it was the sort of thing the girl might have gone into. My google fu tells me it’s definitely her too and she’s been pretty successful.
Sunday I went to see Tim Minchin live in Oxford. Was supposed to go with a good friend of mine but she was sick so my mum went instead. He was really funny and I enjoyed it. Mum said some of it went over her head (which it did with me in places too although I knew some of his material from the internet). She also described it as a bit like Monty Python in that she knew it was meant to be funny but wasn’t sure why in places. I’m really glad we went and he’s definitely very talented but I’m not putting him high up on my “must see again” list of comedians. I’d probably like to but there are others I’d like to more.
Some of the paths in Oxford seem to have been redone and wheeling myself to and from the theatre (my dad dropped us) was a lot easier than it’s been for a long time. Also at least one crossing has been altered which was fantastic because many times I’ve nearly come out using it and that’s been with mum helping me. On Sunday I was solo and fine.
Also the New Theatre finally have a replacement lift after pretty much a year with a moveable ramp on a flight of stairs. Fun as that was, a new lift is good! It’s a proper lift in a shaft as opposed to a platform lift on the stairs too. How great is that?! And whilst they keep it turned off before the auditorium is open once they have it on you can use it when you want as opposed to needing a member of staff and having to wait for the crowds on the stairs to clear. They have a guy there who does the disability support, gets you drinks etc because the bar hasn’t got access – we’ve met loads now and when I asked if we could use the lift without a staff member he just went “yeah I’m not your babysitter.” which made me smile and laugh.
Tuesday I got my new wheelchair which I’ve already written about. I rang this morning all prepared to fight my corner for a better cushion and was told “a gel one has already been ordered for you” and that my OT isn’t in until Monday when she’ll call me. I will be calling Tuesday first thing if I don’t hear from her. Over the last day or two I’ve noticed a few other small things which might need to be adjusted or altered but the cushion is the only major urgent one for the time being. I’ve taken the one they gave me out (which actually is covered in marks making me think it’s second hand, GRRRR) and put my gel one from my Quickie back in. It’s much more comfy but is totally not the right size for the chair which isn’t working out too great as a whole.
Yesterday I did CAB in the morning then went to Millets with my mum and then to a big Tesco Extra (where we just went round the non food bits). I bought my mum’s Christmas present and she got one of my birthday/christmas presents too – we each chose them. I also got some new knickers in Tescos. I wasn’t desparate for them but it’s the sort of thing you always need and they were ridiculously cheap so I’m ignoring the fact they aren’t my usual style/cut.
I’ve had my eyebrows waxed today and I’m off to the nurse in a bit before creative writing tonight.
Told you I’d had crazy crazy crazyness going on in my life lately!

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