I had a really bad spell of hiccups earlier this morning. Kinda annoying too because I tried holding my breath and I tried drinking something and they didn’t stop.
Another of the volunteers at CAB said she liked the colour of my hair.
“Especially the green streak.”
cue me freaking out about the possibility of my hair having gone green. I guess all my usual talk about how it’s just hair, it’ll grow back was rubbish.
So I was all “it needs a wash but I haven’t had it done.”
“but you have been to the hairdressers?”
“no” really beginning to freak out.
She walked up behind me at the point, put her hands on my shoulders and leaned down whispering “yeah but it’s stopped your hiccups.”
She is SO EVIL. And I told her that too.
Must admit though it is pretty funny now I know my hair isn’t green.

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