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    >Sharing Our Knowledge

    >One of my friends recently had their first ever proper trip outside in a powerchair. They aren’t new to disability (like me they are lifelong disabled) but the wheelchair is a recent addition to their life and the powerchair even more so. They sent me an e-mail telling me how well they had done but that they’d had 1 specific issue with it – it hadn’t been able to handle a the gradient of a moveable ramp into a restaurant. I’ve been in that place (although only in my manual) and I think it should have been doable. So anyway I sent an e-mail back saying “hey, try turning the…

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    >Medical Bits

    >I saw the practice nurse today about my weight. It went well and she’s pleased (I think) and so am I. Also managed to fit in my swine flu jab when I was there. She asked if I’d had to done or had an appt to have it done and I was all “I’m going to but I’ve not had a letter inviting me”. There were some doses going to waste (because they’re in batches of ten and they’d had a clinic and were left over and needing using soon I think) But she checked the list of conditions and as neurological conditions are in the risk groups and my…

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    >Up 1

    >I am up a pound this week. And also a day late weighing as the scales weren’t working yesterday. I thought they needed new batteries but the display started working again so I dunno what happened. I’m neither bothered nor surprised about being up a pound but very glad it’s not more. I only made one or two very small healthier choices this week so overall it wasn’t very conducive to good weightloss. Next week if I don’t lose I would like to maintain at the very least… ideally I want to be 18st by Christmas but that’s 10lb off so I’m thinking a bit unrealistic. We shall see. Tomorrow…

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    >Official validation and the lovely purple verified winner bars aren’t available for a few more days but the brilliant news is too good to share! I’ve gone from a blue progress bar (under 50K) to a green one! And I always knew I’d look good in green, but I didn’t know I’d look this good. Current word count is 50,014 but the month is still young. Can’t wait to validate and get my official winner icons and such like in a few days. All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com

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    >[insert witty and amusing title here]

    >I am tired right now but I want to get this done sooner than later. Plus I’m not sure I’m tired as such as fried my brain. We shall see. This week I’ve managed several times to turn down things I wanted or to make healthier choices. The smaller pizza in Pizza Hut rather than the bigger one. Turned down the free biscuits, cake and bacon sandwiches on the train and just took the free drink that sort of thing. And as I already said a few days ago I’ve done a lot more wheeling of my manual chair than I usually would. The main news this week, however, is…

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    >Strange Weekend

    >The ads on googlemail are both interesting and a little unsettling at times. A friend and I were discussing flowers in an e-mail. So my current top advert in google mail? (the one line text one) – for Interflora AUSTRALIA. It’s been an interesting weekend. My dad put my new desk together which looks great and half different half not. It’s basically the same one I had before but one that hasn’t had half the top scratched off and doesn’t have a broken leg. The difference comes from the fact it has no clutter on it at all or purple flower shaped fairy lights wrapped around the top. I miss…

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    >Can’t blog, writing.

    >Just a quickie – NaNoWriMo is going well after I had a complete crisis on confidence on Thursday over it. Everyone in the Oxfordshire forum on their was lovely and encouraging. And I also posted a thread in the “NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul” forum too and a couple of people from there were lovely too. I met a few new to me wrimos in my favourite Reading coffee shop this afternoon too, that was fun. My goal before the end of the weekend was 30K – I was on 24K and some odd at that point. Now almost on 28K and knackered but reckoning on an hours solid writing to…

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    >Remembrance Day

    >We got to IKEA on Sunday a bit before 11. We’d had a chance to get in there, go to the loo and start looking at the first room set up or two. I called my mum over to look at a unit I liked and we were trying to figure out if it would fit in the space. Then they announced on the tannoy that it was 11 am and because it was Remembrance Sunday there was going to be a 2 minute silence. We stopped and stood still in silence for those two minutes. So did most other people. But we were right by the escalators up so…

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    >Wheelchair Comments

    >My brother saw my new manual chair for the first time at the weekend. His comment? “It’s very wide.” Yes it is. Thankfully that was a comment I overheard him say to my mum as she got it out the car because I’m not sure what I would have said to that. On Tuesday my cleaner moved my powerchair forward so she could get at the clean bedding on the shelves behind it. “I want one of these” she says. “What would you do with it?” I asked, slightly boggled by the idea. “Go shopping.” Oh, of course. I had to laugh at that. Yesterday my powerchair decided that it…

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    >Going Down!

    >Brief check in for the Healthy You Challenge this week. In bullet points: Managed one day with NO CHOCOLATE at all Managed another with NO COKE at all and without feeling overally ill Have a sinusitis type thing going on Keep having nose bleeds Made healthier choices on most days in the past week Drinking more water Wheeled myself all the way around IKEA for three whole hours on Sunday Did a fair amount of walking at my parents house on Saturday. The result? 2lb lost. yay! And my NaNoWriMo attempt is up to 19,531 words All content copyright Emma Crees, 2006 – 2012 unless otherwise stated http://writerinawheelchair.blogspot.com