>Updating because Updating is good.

>Firstly, I’m still doing NaNoWriMo. I’m at 8300 and some odd words so far. Only about 200 of those words were written today so I need to get going on some more writing otherwise I’m going to lose my lovely word cushion (official NaNo day three goal is 5001 by bed time but I started today at 8149). I keep going backwards and forwards on the question of whether I like what I’m writing. There are some bits I really like and other bits that are just complete crap. Part of me does wish I’d skipped the original fiction idea and gone for the fanfic one. But really I am glad I didn’t.

My username on the NaNoWriMo site is WheelchairPrincess if anyone wants to add me as a buddy or check out my progress.
I’ve finally stopped and had several days of not very much after weeks on end of busy busy busy. And I can’t say I’ve been feeling very great with it. But today I do feel better than yesterday (headache aside). Next weekend is going to be crazy however.
It’s strange, I never thought before that I was particularly busy (these last few weeks aside) but a couple of times lately my mum has described me as always being “so busy” and I realised that she’s right.
Weight is up a few pounds this week to 19 st (I forget if I put my weight in last week but it was 18 12.5). Disappointed but given I had three days running which all had eating out, take aways and/or cocktails in them not surprising.
I have made myself a spreadsheet which has a list of goals down the side and then the dates across the top – I did it until the end of the year. Some of the goals relate to being healthier and losing weight. Others are things like going to bed at a reasonable time, doing stuff around the house, spending time out of my chair, reading and crafts. The things I always say I’m going to do and don’t always manage very consistently (or manage at all in some cases). It’s only been two days but I’m trying to be in the mindset of “that’s another one ticked off” and I think it will prove useful so I can see where I’m managing and where I’m falling down. Also if there are any patterns to the way things go for me I’m sure they will become obvious after a few more days and then I can maybe try and do something about them.
The list of goals isn’t long but I wrote it with the goal of trying to do some each day rather than all each day and so it is longer than would reasonable be consistently doable on a daily basis. I may have to rethink this but so far I’ve surprised myself with how many I’ve achieved.
Hoping for a much more positive update next week!

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