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>My brother saw my new manual chair for the first time at the weekend. His comment? “It’s very wide.”

Yes it is. Thankfully that was a comment I overheard him say to my mum as she got it out the car because I’m not sure what I would have said to that.
On Tuesday my cleaner moved my powerchair forward so she could get at the clean bedding on the shelves behind it.
“I want one of these” she says.
“What would you do with it?” I asked, slightly boggled by the idea.
“Go shopping.”
Oh, of course. I had to laugh at that.
Yesterday my powerchair decided that it didn’t want to charge. So I ended up going to Birmingham for the day in my manual. I managed pretty well but my parents had to get me to and from the station and my friend had to push me a fair bit. I was pleased by how well I managed but I was a bit disappointed by how much I needed to be pushed. Thankfully my friend is more than used to pushing me and has actually only ever seen me in my powerchair once which she found strange.
Lesson learned there being that I will always check the charger myself before big days out rather than getting someone else to hook it up. Although I’m pretty sure the person who put it on wasn’t to blame as when I went through and check all the connections it seemed the one to blame was not one that I ever mess with or get people to mess with but someone clearly had.
Anyway my being in my manual chair was confusing all my journeycare guys who know me well which was amusing.
Particularly when one of them went “where’s your automatic chair?!”
How great would that be? A wheelchair where you just told it I want to go to the station and it took you, no effort involved. My friend suggested an automatic chair could also be one you sent to the shop for milk without you.
I now have a mad idea for a short story involving this sort of thing.

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