>Can’t blog, writing.

>Just a quickie – NaNoWriMo is going well after I had a complete crisis on confidence on Thursday over it. Everyone in the Oxfordshire forum on their was lovely and encouraging. And I also posted a thread in the “NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul” forum too and a couple of people from there were lovely too.

I met a few new to me wrimos in my favourite Reading coffee shop this afternoon too, that was fun.
My goal before the end of the weekend was 30K – I was on 24K and some odd at that point. Now almost on 28K and knackered but reckoning on an hours solid writing to get me to that goal. Really really going to have to go to bed but must admit to wanting to stay up and get those words done. But as my Dad is probably coming round to put some more of my new furniture around tomorrow and I’m back in the bureau on Monday I fear bed must win out.
28K is more than I wrote last year OR the year before! Both of which years I got stuck around 25K, must look the exact word counts up (can’t find them right now, GRR).

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