>International Day of Disabled People

>Today is the International Day of Disabled People (wiki link as I can’t get on the official UN site for the day) I don’t know very much about the day to be honest, I just thought it was Thursday until I saw that on Twitter.

I feel like I should write something about it or rather, for it. But I’ve got nothing at the moment.
It does occur to me however that it’s a little bit sad that we have an “International Day of Disabled People”. I realise that it’s a good way of raising awareness and breaking down barriers but… I wish the day would come when we no longer need it. After all, there’s no such thing as “international day of all the temporarily able bodied people” is there?!
I’ve been planning to write something about statistics and disability for a while. But that hasn’t gotten beyond my realisation that the statistics I know of are several years old and I should probably try and track down more recent ones (or at least the sources for the ones I know as I can remember the numbers but not where I got them from). And I’m not in a researching mood right now.
I also find it interesting that what little research I’ve done about IDoDP tells me that it’s a UN thing that’s been around since 1992 but this is the first year I’ve really been aware of it. Thinking back now I think I have heard it briefly mentioned in passing in previous years. That i suspect however is to do in part with the power of twitter. Another topic I must blog on.
Also I am majorly amused to note that 1981 was the International Year of Disabled People. The year I was born. It’s almost like whatever powers that be there may be went “well, it’s almost the end of 1981. Perhaps we’d better do something more to celebrate this year of disabled people. A spot of oxygen deprivation at birth leading to CP and life long disability for Emma, that’ll do nicely.”

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