>Emma and the no good, horrible, terrible day.

>So today:

I had trouble getting out of bed and waking up again
I got a t-shirt caught round the wheel of my powerchair
Had to resort to cutting said t-shirt in two to get it out but thankfully didn’t damage my chair
Was later than I planned getting to the bureau because of the above.
Was asked to advise rather than doing my SP which I didn’t mind (especially as I had a good client) but which always throws me off.
Broke the zip on my relatively new handbag and it can’t be fixed
Sent loads of things flying in the supermarket.
Had a random nose bleed
Discovered I’d gained a pound
My hip and knee hurt on my right leg.
I can’t really say it’s been a good day! But once we got past mid afternoon it all evened out and got a bit better.

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