>Chilled Celebrations

>Today is my Dad’s 60th Birthday.

We had a lovely chilled day – first my dad picked me up and we went to check out access for something then he dropped me home and I raced round like a mad thing for half an hour trying to wrap his present and get everything I needed to spend a whole day out the house.
Then I transferred to my powerchair and walked up to my parents – what with my knitting and present and a box of sweets and an extra layer for walking home and a knitted gift I took to show my mum as well as all the little bits you need I ended up with my big flowery bag, my handbag and a carrier too.
We did presents and stuff for my Dad and it was great because he thought we were done with them and then my brother popped to his car “for his slippers” and came back in with the huge main present. My Dad’s face was a picture at that point – he was ecstatic with the TV we got him and so shocked.
Everyone else messed around snacking and sorting lunch and setting up dad’s tv. I played with my DS a bit (got the 42 all time classics game for my birthday) and we watched The Grinch but i have to say I wasn’t really paying attention.
Huge yummy roast for lunch and it really did feel like it should be Christmas Day – I’m in the bureau tomorrow and that just feels wrong! I think we all ate much more than we should have but I just can’t say no to those roast potatoes (or the little sausage rolls that were there for snacking on before lunch). LOL time to diet again after Christmas me thinks!
I’d been using my walker all morning but Dad got my Nan’s old wheelchair in for me to use just after lunch. Mum tried to convince me to keep walking and sitting in a chair but as much as the fact I need to be moving more is becoming obvious (a topic I must blog on soon) a whole day with the walker would probably have left me struggling for a few days to come. I think that’s actually the first time since I got the action3 that I’ve been in it and it made me think just what a poor fit for me that chair is.
Dad stuck a DVD he got for his birthday on but I was trying to knit (gave up because I think I’d copied the pattern out wrong) and then playing on my DS. I also tried to read a bit of a book I borrowed from my mum. Didn’t manage more than about 15 pages though. I was really sleepy but was the only person who didn’t sleep at all in the afternoon. Doubt I’ll manage that on Christmas Day though, an afternoon sleep is a given!
We also watched a load of Fawlty Towers (which I’ve never really watched a lot of before and enjoyed), maybe three episodes as Dad got that for his birthday too. Then we had a quiz my dad had made up in the evening which was a bit bizarre but fun and played a few games.
I think everyone else was going to watch another film but as it’s not one i’m in to and it was getting late I came home.
I curled up in my action3 all comfy with a heat pack and read A Christmas Carol cover to cover. Which was lovely.
Now I just came online quickly to check my e-mail and have been here longer than planned so I’m going to BED!

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