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>I feel like I haven’t updated properly in ages. And I said I was going to do several updates over the last few days but didn’t. I’ve been planning to update about several different things in several different entries but will try and do the condensed version here. So here goes:

Healthy You Challenge
No idea how that’s going, my scales are broken. Thankfully they are under warranty so I should be able to get them fixed but it’s still a huge frustration as I’ve not had them long. Realistically I’ve not been doing great with that.
101 in 1001
I’ve been doing my second list of that for just over a year now and have done something like 14 of the goals. Plus I’m all but finished with another (read 100 books in a year). Unfortunately I have completely failed on three of them but overall I’m pleased with how it’s going. I know a lot of people take the time to review their list after a year or so and change some of the goals but really I don’t feel like I want too.
Possible New Years Resolutions
I’m thinking of not really setting any proper new years resolutions just to continue to work on my 101 in 1001 list. But also I am well aware that I need to make some big changes in my life to be healthier etc. In a strange way I am looking forward to those changes. Meds has to be one of the most important ones I think and I haven’t missed a dose this month. Very pleased with that. I bought myself a NOMAD box and that’s helping a lot.
My Birthday
I’m a Christmas Day baby but we always celebrate my birthday a few weeks early. I went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with one of my friends which was fantastic. My favourite song from the show was Teamwork which isn’t in the film and unfortunately it seems that the soundtrack to the show isn’t available to buy. Usually my mum and I go to see whatever the Christmas show at the New Theatre is for my birthday but she was adament she didn’t want to go see Chitty so she paid for me and a friend to go. We had an evening of presents, playing a few games (of UNO mostly) and then watched Elf. It was fun. I had two books (have read one of them since I got it), a top which I chose, a membership to the arts centre, a game for my DS, the first series of Torchwood on DVD and a few little bits.
CAB and all that
Is going well but I’ve not been there very much lately, partly due to the bloody snow. in many ways that’s been good thing as I’ve been in desperate need of some proper rest over Christmas and I do feel so much better for that now! I’ve not left the house since I got home Monday lunchtime. I’ve been asked to take on the rota which is a much bigger job than i anticipated and was driving me a bit crazy but its done for January now. Plus I had a chat with one of the other advisers and an off hand comment she made had me going “oh!” and realising how to make it much easier (i hope!)
I’ll be spending Christmas with my parents and sister and my brother and his girlfriend will be popping in (but will spend the day with her mum). I hope to come home at night to sleep and shower etc as that will make things much easier all round – plus it gives me a few minutes to myself and I find that I’m the sort of person who loves being with people especially my family but needs alone time to thrive. Given the weather however I will take a change of clothes etc just in case. New Years Eve I’ll be at a friends house.
That’s something I really need to get on with after the new year and make a big attempt at. I told my mum that 28 is going to be a good year for me and I’m going to make a big go at becoming a writer and lose some weight too. I don’t know if the creative writing course is going to run again in January or not but am leaning towards not doing it even if it does run. I suspect it won’t anyway. But I’m planning to try and have one day a week which is my writing day and maybe take my netbook to a coffee shop or the library and do some writing that day. I do better when I’m not at home for writing it seems. Once I’ve gotten started I can keep going at home but it’s the starting that stops me if you know what I mean!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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