>Update on all things Christmassy.

>Christmas was good. I did end up staying from Christmas Eve until late on Boxing Day (well I came home for an hour first thing on boxing day to shower and get my other wheelchair so I wouldn’t need bringing home and people could have drinks). But that was decided before I went so I had everything I needed and then some rather than the few things just in case I’d planned on taking.

I didn’t do too badly staying which is something. I slept on the sofa which was a little difficult as I find it really hard to get up off of. In the early hours of Christmas Day my mum came down for something (she sleeps terribly) and I asked her to help me to the loo. I couldn’t get off of the sofa even with her helping me. She was going to go wake my dad but I knew I could get on the floor and that I’d be able to get myself from the floor. So I got on the floor and I was crawling trying to get myself situated so I could pull myself into a standing position and get in my wheelchair.
Every single night since I got the action3 I’ve taken the footplates off before I go to bed. I do so many transfers last thing at night and first thing in the morning that keep swinging them in and out of the way annoys me so off they come. Every single night except that night. And I’m on the floor crawling right by one of the footplates. Footplates which have ankle straps.
Moved my right arm and lost my balance. I fell so that the top of my right arm went onto the screw or whatever it is that sticks up holding the strap on. Ooooh my GOD that hurt. Mum said she’d move the footplate and for a minute there I thought she wasn’t going to be able to, I seriously thought I’d actually impaled my arm. How there wasn’t any blood I don’t know. It did come up with a small bruise straight away and you could see where it had gone partially in… the bruise spread a lot and it’s still pretty sore now. Everyone has said how bad it looks. I have stretch marks on that part of my arm and I am amused to see how different the bruise looks on those bits.
I spent the next day or so going “how the hell did that not end in lots of blood and a trip to a&e” and also wondering how we managed to not wake my sister up – mum said she was amazed I didn’t squeal very loudly at all seeing how painful it looked.
The next night I fell getting onto the sofa to go to sleep but didn’t injure myself. Decided against staying a third night just in case 😉
I got nice gifts and enjoyed my Christmas dinner and spending time with family. Most of my gifts were books which obviously I loved. When my mum was helping me gather my stuff up to go home she joked that I’d been given enough books to stock a library. I think I already had enough books to do that but it would definitely fill another shelf in said library…
I also got some DVD’s and a couple of cool tops. I’m planning probably new years day or at least at the weekend to have a knitting and DVD lazy day.
Overall it was a very good Christmas. We played a lot of games, especially Mancala which I loved. And my Dad and I did a silly jigsaw that I got in my stocking on Christmas Day in the afternoon. I tried to do it alone but got stuck and didn’t have patience with it so Dad helped me.
The day after boxing day I went very briefly to the sales as my parents were going. I got a couple of new cardis which were good bargains. It was absolutely carnage there and I sort of regretted going. My Dad dropped us outside M&S and by the time I’d wheeled to the other side to go to the main shopping street I was thinking the best thing to do would be buy a magazine and sit in a coffee shop for the two hours until we were leaving. But luckily that was the worst of the shops and I could at least move in the rest.
Monday was a hugely lazy day, I went to my parents in the afternoon for a bit as my mum got an iPod for Christmas and wanted me to show her how to use it. But their computer is really slow so it took ages to download itunes, install it and put a couple of CDs on there. Then it wouldn’t recognise the iPod and my trick of turning it on and off again didn’t work so that was unsuccessful. Someone else will have to help mum with the rest – she doesn’t have patience with it and I’d had enough by that point.
Tuesday I will blog about separately.
Today I went to the sales properly. I finally bought a new camera and I got a couple of books with some smiths vouchers. I’m really pleased with the new camera.

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