>Meds Mess

>In 2010 I feel I need to learn to count properly. Or at least to be a little bit more organised.

Because I should not have been able to get to 28 without realising that 100 tablets prescribed part way through November to be taken at a rate of 2 a day was not going to get me to the first full week in January. Or at least figured it out before I took the last pills!
I was on such a roll with taking my meds too.
Part of me is still convinced that I must have some left here somewhere but the numbers don’t lie and I’m damned if I can find it.
I know damn well that it’s the switch from Lyflex (liquid baclofen) to the regular tablets that’s done it because I actually had more lyflex then I took but had to chuck it because it expired.
I am so ANNOYED with myself right now!

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