>Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

>I suspect that the weather will mean I can’t go to the bureau tomorrow or indeed out of the house at all.  Blah.  In fact, I would say the odds are currently not down to zero because it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and I’m not singing… yet but that they are pretty damn close to zero.

In fact having just gone and openned the front door and peaked outside between writing that paragraph and this one I’m thinking that a miracle would be needed to get me out of the house tomorrow morning because I sure as hell would struggle to go out now.

I popped into Sainsburys yesterday afternoon to get some stuff in case I was snowed in (usually I would go today) but managed to do that very clever thing where you get home and realise you’re nearly out of something vital, in this case sandwich fillings and margarine.  So when I went out to meet my friend this afternoon I popped back in to get those things and some freezer stuff.  And remembering the five days running when I couldn’t leave the house last February due to the snow I got some treats too.  It was snowing a little and just beginning to settle as I walked home.

I have a lot more perspective on that possibility now.  Partially from having had the experience previously so knowing what to expect.  But also because when I spoke to my mum earlier she told me the weather has meant that my Great Aunt hasn’t left the house since Christmas Day and is going stir crazy.  She’s in her 80s and lives a while away and quite out in the sticks.  Her more local family (she doesn’t have children) are further away than my family are from me too I think although I know she sees them regularly and they’ll be helping her out.  She probably won’t get out of the house for a few more days either.

That’s practically two weeks she’s been stuck inside… puts my probably only a few days or so stuck in the house (I hope!) into perspective.

In many ways when I talk to The Great Aunt (as she sometimes signs cards; she isn’t my only Great Aunt) I can see a lot of similarities between her and me in terms of likes and dislikes and both of us being very independently minded.  But something tells me she probably copes with being stuck in due to snow much better than I will ever do!

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