>The snow means I haven’t left the house since I walked home as it was falling Tuesday night.  And there is no chance in hell that I’m getting out of the house tomorrow either.  Realistically at the moment I can’t see Sunday being a day out either but who knows for definite.

I was supposed to go see the nurse on Thursday; that got rescheduled to Tuesday but the pessimist in me now sees it getting rescheduled AGAIN.

The “I’ve been stuck in the house for three days with no end in sight blues” AKA Cabin Fever has just struck within the last hour or so.  I’ve actually done much better than I did last February when I was stuck in the house for four days straight (I think) and was a sobbing tearful mess by the end of day two – Thank you PROZAC!!  Of course it helps that I twigged on this was likely to happen so was able to get a good stock up of food and what have you.  Supplies were just beginning to run low tonight but would have been OK for a few days for me but my Mum called and said she was heading to the supermarket so she got me some bits as well.

I think actually other people having had to do things like get my prescription and do my shopping is the bit I find hardest.  I’m too independent for my own good sometimes.

Good news is that a courier made it to my front door this afternoon and I’m now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii.  And even though I’ve not left the house in days I still managed to spend an absolute fortune this morning on theatre tickets… most of which will be paid for by others but it’s still all on my switch card for now.

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