>Snowbound 2010 Day Five

>(Geordie accent, male voice) 

“It’s Day Five of Snowbound, 2010. Emma, usually out and about all the time has had a good day but is slowly starting to go insane”

I have had a pretty good day today I cleaned out the fridge (yuck) and gathered up all the rubbish and recycling in the house which my sister than chucked out for me (snow is so bad I couldn’t get to my food waste or non-recycling bin even though they live by the front door although I might have got to the recycling bin which is literally right next to the door).  She also put a fresh sheet on my bed.  I did some washing too and tidied the bathroom a little.

Soph stayed round for about an hour and a half or so chatting. She had a go on my Wii too (Molly wanted to know what games I have – Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort with Just Dance on order from Amazon too).  It was good fun and we were discussing whether Sophie should get one as well.  It was almost as much fun watching Soph do canoeing and sword fighting and table tennis as it is doing it myself.

 My parents went to Tesco and got me some stuff but didn’t call to see what I wanted as it was “so early” which amuses me because my sister rang me at 10.15 and I thought she said they had just left.  They didn’t have their mobile on but they thought of the most important things.  My Dad brought it round this evening and also took my washing back with him as my dryer is not working at all right and although I can use it my mum was worrying there would be a fire.

Not long after Sophie left a really good friend called me to say she was at Sainsburys and would be coming round after what did I need?  To which I went “I haven’t got any money in the house” and she said we’d sort it later.  She got me a few more bits too including a big thing of bacon and some very yummy looking crusty bread – mmmm gonna have me a lovely lunch tomorrow!  She just stayed for five minutes or so but it was very nice to see her and chat a bit.  Hugs too are always appreciated.

I really appreciate how much people are doing for me although the independent streak in me does make it hard.  I think the thing that probably meant the most was a CAB e-mail that went round about during the snow and when I e-mailed to say “sure you’ve figured this out but I can’t do anything, can’t get out.” I got an e-mail back to ask if I was ok for supplies as she (manager) was sure something could be figured out if I needed anything.  I was really touched and a little bit choked up reading that.

The snow does seem to be melting a lot today so that’s promising but I think the forecast is still terrible.  It did try to snow a little more today but I don’t think it settled.  Hard to tell, if I’m honest.

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