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I signed up for Thing a Day 2010 (http://www.thing-a-day.com) the other day.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I have plans for a lot of things this year which hopefully will make things easier for me when it comes to actually completing the challenge.  But we shall see.  I've done it both of the previous two years and I'm sure I thought each time that I'd got it cracked.  And then found I hadn't.

A lot of the ideas I've in mind are small knitting projects like flowers.  I've not been doing much knitting lately so that will be good.  I bought yet more yarn on Tuesday.  I'm also going to make some bracelets I think.  And Colouring!  I don't think I've done any colouring since the last Thing A Day which sucks because I love colouring.  I bought some new felt tips last weekend especially.

Anyway, the new set up this year should make it possible for the posts to go straight to my blog when they post there too.  And that's basically the whole point of this post was that I wanted to try the new set up and see if it works.  So apologies if this looks strange but hopefully it should.

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