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Today I redesigned my blog as my "thing".  It wasn't what I planned to do today (although I did plan to do it at some point this month) but some unexpected news knocked me for six and I've spent the day unable to concentrate on much.  So playing with photoshop was a better choice than trying to learn a new knitting stitch.

I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger in September 2009.  And on wordpress I knew how to customise my own layout.  I didn't know how to do a lot with it but if there was a template I liked I knew enough to change the colours etc.  It worked for me.

Blogger works very differently (although I actually find it a more sensible way of working, personally).  I've used various design sites for my layouts but I really wanted to know how to do my own.  The Cutest Blog On The Block has a tutorial which I used to start me off.  But instead of using digital scrapbooking elements as they suggested I used  a filter (this one is the reticulation one) in photoshop.  I attempted to put a new layout up a few weeks ago but got all the proportions wrong so it came down as soon as it was up.  And then I decided I didn't want the colours I'd used.  So I started afresh today.  Blues aren't my usual colours really, I'm more of a pink and purple girl (girly girl).  It needs maybe one tweak – I would like to remove the box from around the header image but I can't figure out how to do it and it seems the website I was working from is down now.  However I am really pleased with how it came out.  

My blog is here and I would love to hear what people have to say about the layout!

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