>Days 4 and 5


Yesterday I went to see my sister and we had take away pizza from Dominos and watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince on DVD.  So I didn't have the opportunity to post about my thing of the day.

I got some really nice yarn for my birthday (which is Christmas Day) and I've bought myself some more in two other colours.  And my vague plan is to knit squares with it and make some form of blanket.  Technically this is a felting yarn so I'm not sure how it will work out.  But I figure that I don't actually have to felt it.  I'll have to see how many squares I get out of the yarn I've got as I'd prefer not to buy more.  The other alternative is a big cushion made of the squares.  So we shall see.  Anyway I knitted a square whilst watching the DVD and hope to do several more this month.  I'm doing them quite small which may prove to be a mistake when it comes to putting them together but is good from the instant gratification point of view.

I had a new camera in the sales and it appears that putting the photos on my computer isn't a simple case of plug it in and let it go.  I'm hoping to get the software installed (I thought the stuff I already had on here would work but it appears it would) over the weekend and then post photos of what I've been doing.

Tonight I met my friends from the Creative Writing course I did from Sept 08 – Dec 09 for a few drinks (just coke for me!).  And it's made me really want to get back into writing again.  So my thing today was to write something of a poem.

Poems are written by me
Occasionally when in the mood
In this case I want to write
Not knowing what about
To tell about my disability is their usual aim
Life, loves, likes and laughter
Even the lows when they come
Sometimes I get bored of being all about the disability
So then I write something else

Perhaps some words about flowers
Or about the weather, I should write
Eventually though I realise
My writing tonight is just to write

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