I've been playing with photoshop again today.

I was out for drinks with friends last night from my creative writing group.  And there was some discussion about setting up a livejournal community for us to share work and get feedback.  We've got a facebook group but to be honest the changes made there don't make it great for that purpose.

I've been wanting to take part some more in some of the disability and creative livejournal communities for a while.  I'm not a fan of it for blogging, I prefer blogger but the communities are great.  They can be a fantastic resource in more ways than one.  Fun too.

So I'm not sure if the creative writing LJ will actually materialise or not but regardless, I set myself up a new LJ account a few months ago and it has no icons.  So I made myself three this evening.  I think my favourite is the purple and pink one which is actually a photo of me that I used the "chalk and charcoal" filter on.  I think it's very rocky and i love it.  Reminds me of Tonks from Harry Potter.  And really makes me want to dye my hair again!  I wonder if dyeing my hair would count as one of my "thing a day things"?

Finally I just want to say how much fun I'm having doing Thing A Day this year!

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