>Thing A Day 2010 Day Seven: Squares


I've knitted more squares for my undecided knitting project.  Might turn into a blanket if there are enough when I've used up the yarn. Or I'll turn it into something else. Cushion perhaps.  Well, I say more squares but so far today I've knitted 1 and almost all of a second whilst watching Torchwood on DVD.  I think I'm going to stick it back on in a bit so I'll finish the one that's on my needles at least.

I think I'll wait till I've done some in different colours before I post pictures.  So far I've just used one of the colourways.  It's really interesting because it's a patterned/self stripping yarn and each of the three are from the same ball of yarn but very different!  I love it.  It's really interesting watching how it comes out as I knit.

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