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I'm still doing this!  Which means I've definitely made it further than I did last year.  And I can't remember how far I made it the year before to comment on that, I think I was still in at this point as I'm pretty sure that last year I quit much sooner than the year before.  Anyway I haven't updated here since Sunday I think so just quickly and in bullet point form

On Monday I made a bit of a friendship bracelet with some cross stitch threads in various shades of green.  Basically their just grouped together and knotted.  It was very simple and low effort.  It felt like a bit of a cop out but it was all I had inspiration and motivation to do.  I do have a hell of a lot of Cross Stitch threads cluttering up my craft stuff though so it was good to use them up.

Tuesday I made Roast Chicken!  I put new potatoes, garlic and mushrooms in the bottom of the tray and chucked the chicken on top.  That's such a yummy dinner, I'd actually forgotten just how nice it is and how much I like it.  The idea of it always feels like such a lot of work and puts me off but really with new potatoes and garlic granules, the only thing that needs prepping is the mushrooms (and even then I could probably use frozen sliced ones but I'm not convinced they'd work too well).  Plus, leftover chicken for sandwiches the next day or with jacket potatoes for dinner.  I should really start trying to do that every couple of weeks or so.  I was very pleased with that.  I also did half (or thereabouts) of a square of my blanket.

Yesterday I made a keyring (although it's yet to be on my keys) as my keyring fell off my keys ages ago so they've been very boring with nothing on them.  Which clearly wouldn't do.  I used cross stitch threads again, five or six different colours I think – Reds, Yellows and Oranges (I think it was two reds, three yellows and one orange).  Those are wrapped around each other in a sort of braid.  Like how I imagine ropes are made.  It's really pretty,  I have GOT to sort out photos.

Today I finished off the square I started on Tuesday and made another complete one.  I think I've made five in total now, all made in February.  I really do want that to be a bit of an ongoing project for this month.  Tomorrow I want to watch The Sound of Music on DVD and plan to make some more whilst doing that.

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