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It seems like every time I come here I have several days of things I catch up on.  So here goes. I'd promise to make more of an effort to remain up to date but I think we all know that's unlikely 😉

On Friday I did a couple more squares for my probably going to be a very small blanket.  Really liking how the colours are coming out in those yarns (think I've said that every time I've mentioned the squares!).

Saturday I spent the afternoon with my sister and we did some baking – well, mostly she baked and I did bits to help, weighing some of the stuff, a touch of mixing.  Bread, flap jacks and Granny Boyd's biscuits – a chocolate biscuit recipe form a Nigella cook book.  Those biscuits are yummy, I finished off my ones of those after lunch today.

Yesterday I created reminders of my weightloss goals and what I'm trying to do.  Mostly post its with a few inspirational quotes on dotted about the flat but also I did an image for my computer too.  That one says "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

I also tried to create some smiles by sending messages to a few online friends who I rarely speak to but who are having a tough time right now.

I do kind of feel like I was reaching a little by considering yesterdays things as things if you know what I mean.  but mostly I was pleased with them,

Today I've written another poem.  Really glad I'm back writing semi regularly again.

This is called Another Pointless Poem

Always planning that today I will write
Not getting round to it
Often enough
Then loving it when I do
Here I sit with the urge to write
Even though I feel I have nothing to say
Regrets aren't worth it, so I write anyway

Perhaps something will come from this
Or perhaps it will just be words on a screen
In either case
Nothing is worse then a writer not writing
That being a sin I commit too often
Let tonight be the night I get back into it
Emma is a writer who writes again
So here I sit
Spewing out words

Pointless perhaps
Ordinary not Original
Ending all to soon
My poem, all the same.

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